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Dr. McClure offers a full range of gynecological services, including:

Wellness care for women of all ages

Evaluation of abnormal pap smears with coloscopy
-Office based LEEP treatments to treat abnormal pap smears
-Evaluation and treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding:
-Ultrasound is available in the office
-Minimally invasive treatment options such as Novasure and Thermachoice endometrial ablation

Evaluation and treatment for pelvic pain, endometriosis, fibroids and other female problems:
-Ultrasound evaluation
-Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, hysterectomy including minimally invasive surgical options.
-Family planning
-Evaluation of infertility

Birth Control Options available include:
-Prescription options (pills, patches, rings and injections)
-Placement of long acting reversible methods- Mirena, Skyla, Paraguard, Nexplanon
-Permanent female sterilization- Essure & laparoscopic options

Now offering obstetrics services!

Dr. McClure started delivering babies in Winfield in 2005. She continues to offer a full range of obstetrics services.You can call (620) 218-1623 or stop by McClure Medical Practice, located on the corner of 9th and Main, to make an appointment.